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About Us

Wishes made real, one child at a time.

Once upon a time...


A princess named Raeanna "Rae" Kilby founded this organization after years of being inspired by several similar groups on the East Coast. Raeanna noticed that the Bay Area, namely a kingdom named Berkeley, severely lacked opportunities for underserved communities to experience the magic of meeting their favorite characters; to her, Power of a Princess was the solution. After months of strenuous work, she gathered several undergraduate students on the UC Berkeley campus, and—with a bippidi, boppidi, boo!—transformed them into strong-willed princesses, daring superheroes, and mystical Jedi Knights! Raeanna gave those interested in Disney and the performing arts an opportunity to meet others with similar interests, all while serving the community in the most whimsical way. Today, we acknowledge her legacy as we continue to bring unforgettable experiences to children in Berkeley and beyond. 


Since Then,

Rae passed the torch to Juliette Lovell in spring of 2022, who made the club what it is today, ensuring that the strong foundation Rae created would not be lost to time. Although not nearly as apt with a needle and thread as Rae, Juliette has used her own magic to add even more characters to our repertoire, including Luke Skywalker, Captain America, and more! Under her presidency, we have expanded our reach to more community partners in the Bay Area, including Reading Partners, Ronald McDonald House, and St. Judes, and the club has almost doubled in size.

Juliette is in her final semester at UC Berkeley and plans on making her last semester the best. Thank you Juliette for all the hard work you have put into POP over the past three years!


...And we lived Happily Ever After!


Since our launch in Fall 2020...

 villagers have visited this page!

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Over 250 hours have been spent volunteering as of Fall 2022!

We've made hundreds of friends all over the globe!

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